Youtube channels for your kids

So being a mom to a boy comes with his fascination of youtube channels. I thought I would share some of the ones that he watches most of the time.  I like to watch them to make sure they are appropriate and these are approved by me 😉


So this guy apparently got popular by just doing video’s of him playing Minecraft. Now he has all kinds of funny videos of him talking about different things he enjoys. I heard from a colleague that this guy goes on tours and people pay to g watch him play Minecraft on a big screen. That truly mystifies me!! Pay to go watch a guy play video games?!?! Ok if that’s your jam!

Dude Perfect:

This one is a group of guys based in Texas that do stunts. They are pretty cool but I’m sure it takes multiple tries to get those shots and it’s so funny how Haden thinks it’s on the first try.  They are known for the bottle flip.  Haden was obsessed with it. It was so annoying to hear him flipping and flipping and flipping a bottle but he could be doing worse things in life.  He would get so excited when he’d get it right.

Matty B &  Jacob Santorias:

These two channels are very much alike. It’s these young kids rapping and dancing. Haden also loves to dance so he watches them and dances along. He even wanted to get his hair cut like them. 😉

That Dyches family:

This family is more of a lifestyle youtube channel. They just film their family doing different everyday things.  It’s not really something I would watch unless they are doing something cool.  Haden watches it sometimes when I am in ears length and the mom gets to be a little much after a while.

Dodger films:

Haden love baseball so he found this channel that is just a group playing softball. Kids and adults just having fun. They each have nicknames and just have a good ol time. Not much to say about this one.

Guava Juice:

Ok this guy…..ummmm….is super goofy! How do I even explain this one???? He pretty much does crazy stuff. Like filling a bathtub with those balls that grow when you get them wet, experiments, compares products or crazy dares.  Another one, I, myself could not watch but for a kid, it’s very entertaining.