No more Raccoon eyes!

I have struggled for so long with finding a mascara that didn’t get under my eyes. I tried different brands, waterproof, all the things! I also tried other hacks people recommended like setting powder under the eyes or coating the lashes with black eye shadow! NONE worked!!!

I am here to FINALLY tell you that I have found the trick!!! It is a great relief!!! Are you ready for this? ……….eyebrow gel! WhAaAaAt?!? Yup! I bought a cheap clear eyebrow gel to try by applying a coat after applying my desired amount of mascara and Voila! No more black coon eyes!!!

So did you know that mascara and foundation are both oil based and those oils sometimes decide they want to meld together. How Rude!!! So there’s something about the eyebrow gel that seals your “oils” in and doesn’t allow them to go anywhere.

Please try this and let me know if it works for you!! This is a game changer!!