October Ellie Box

I always saw the ads for these boxes and always just passed by because I wasn’t in need of any workout clothes but since gaining a few pounds I needed some new pants so one of their ads GOT ME! 🙂 I’m glad I did it though because I love it all and a great price for what you get! Here’s what came in my box:


First thing I noticed was the fun metallic bag the clothes were in. What a great little bag to have to throw in some gym stuff on the go!

You guys…this shirt is sooooo soft! I wanna wear it everyday! A plus is the cute cut-out on the back and who doesn’t like purple!!??

Now on to these pants! Such a fun design and I don’t normally like to show off my butt because I’m self conscious but I gotta say….my butt looks pretty good in these pants! Plus this cute little lip bag will come in handy! I’m sure I’ll end up throwing some makeup in there! Now this jacket does cover it up when on though but that’s ok because it’s super cute! You can zip it up and it’s like a turtle neck or unzip it some and its a diagonal side collar look. Will get much use once the cold weather sticks around.

There were these snack bars in there and unfortunately I did NOT like them. I took one bite and actually had to spit it out. It tasted like cardboard! Good try though. I’ll stick with my Kind bars. Then now I have a yoga mat towel so I guess I better get busy doing some yoga! 😉 My chiropractor keeps telling me I need to do it regularly but it’s just the last thing I think to do. I’ll try to work on that so I can make use of this towel.

So all in all, even though the snack bars were a dud, I’d say this box was a win and a great price overall for what you get! Definitely recommend trying it out!