June Birchbox

I decided to try out Birchbox again and see if I can find any fun new products. Here is what all came in it and what I thought of each:

Lord & Berry Line/Shade eye pencil (black), $19 full size –  When I started applying this liner to my eye lid it went on like butter. So smooth and great pigmentation.  BUT before I even left the house I had a line on the hood of my eye where it smudged.  That is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when it comes to eye liners. I do not want to look like a zebra with random lines all over my face. So not a favorite.

Living Proof Perfect Hair day in-shower styler , $24 full size – I wasn’t very optomistic about this product because my hair when it is air dried is a hot mess. I gave it a try anyway with knowing when I woke up I may have a disaster on my hands.  Surprise surprise! My hair actually wasn’t that frizzy and the natural curl seemed to take better than without the product. I look forward to trying this again.

Oribe Apres Beach Wave and shine spray, $42 full size – I wasn’t really sure how this spray was going to give me wave but I tried it the first day after letting my hair air dry and didn’t really see much. So I tried again the next day but using a little more throughout my hair and it did seem to give me a little body but not that noticeable. I will use the rest of the small can but probably wouldn’t pay $42 for a full size can.

Manna Kadar Glo Shimmer lotion, $29 full size – So I was a little confused at what to do with this product. It says you can mix it with your foundation to add glow or I guess just use alone. I can’t really mix with my foundation since it’s a cream so I just put some on spots I would put highlighter and it gave a light sheen.  I suppose you could also use it on your body for a shimmer. Maybe for a night out.  I probably will occasionally use this product but not buy a full size.

Derma e Microdermabrasion scrub, $32.50 full size – First off, I love anything that says microdermabrasion on it. So I was SUPER excited to see this in my box.  I tried it out that night I was so excited! I have been on the lookout for a good scrub! Let me tell you…BUTTER!!!! Skin felt like BUTTER! I love the way my skin feels after a good scrub! I go to bed feeling clean and refreshed. Definitely will use this again unless I find another one!

Looking forward to what’s in store for July. If you get a birchbox, please share your thoughts on what you got! I love to hear opinions! Also, is there another beauty box you’ve tried that is better?

Remember to Follow your arrow,

Dana xoxo