Romeo, Romeo where art thou Romeo?

I thought I’d start my family posts out with my first child. This is Romeo. He is something else. I got him about 10 years ago while I was at a friends house. I was standing outside and there were these kittens running around and I am a sucker for a kitten.  I’ve always had a thing for white cats.  Little Romeo ended up coming to me and didn’t want me to put him down.  The neighbor who the mom belonged to told me I could have him so with a little convincing of my boyfriend at the time I took him home.  I thought Romeo was a good name since he won me over from the moment I saw him.  Plus our family has a thing with animal names. We keep them in the same sounding family. There was Rocky, Roxie and then Romeo.

He has an interesting personality. He will be loving on you one minute and the next start biting full force. He does have to be by me most of the time when he’s not sleeping. He normally isn’t very social around people he doesn’t know except lately that has changed a little. I guess he gets friendlier as he ages.  He loves to eat and sleep. Well most cats love that so…. 😉 Little does he know he’s about to get a kitty sister. I’ll let you know how that goes. He’s used to being the ruler of the house.


This is cute Romeo as a kitten. If you can see my belly I have there since I was pregnant with Haden when I got him. He was born with 2 dark stripes down his head and after a while they disappeared to become completely white! I love it!



He shot up fast because Haden isn’t very old in this picture. Romeo was interested in what this new thing was in his home.