March Favorites

Sorry guys I totally skipped February faves but I was in the process of trying out some items to give you some good ones! I think this month’s favorites are amazing!!!


1. Over the last few months I had been having issues with my skin being SUPER dry and making my makeup look cakey and splotchy! Who wants that?!?! So I was making sure I was drinking lots of water in case it was dehydration. I started trying different products that people suggested.  I tried the following: Younique Royalty Time correcting night cream, Cerave moisturizer, Perfectly Posh Moisture 911, a concoction my moms esthetician made her and then I found the MOTHER LOAD!!! Arbonne Re9 skincare! Holy cow! I was sent a sample and literally the FIRST APPLICATION my skin felt AMAZING! (sorry for all the caps) I kept using it and after just a few days my skin was showing a MAJOR improvement! The good thing about this product on top of my dry skin is it’s helping diminish signs of aging. I wouldn’t say I’m old enough for too many wrinkles but I want to prevent them! So if you know an Arbonne rep you should ask for a sample because it will change your life!

2. My friend has a local boutique and when I went to check it out I found a section with all kinds of smell goods! I was of course opening them all the check it out.  I came across this bath salt and about died! I didn’t care how much it cost because I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! This stuff is heaven and just imagine taking a relaxing bath and getting out smelling just like it.  If you are local to College Station you must go by and check it out. Otherwise check out their website or go direct to Niven Morgan‘s site.

3. Now for my fitness gurus out there, specifically runners, this will save your life! I came across this from an ad on Facebook and decided I’d go ahead and order one.  I absolutely HATE having anything in my hands when I run. Plus it’s really not good for you either because you tend to tense up in your shoulders when you do.  I’ve tried all kinds of belt type products to hold water and such and they all were bulky and rode up my waist.  This product called a Flip Belt is a super slim design. Even the water bottles are slim and not bulky.  It holds my car key, water bottles, and even my huge iPhone 7 plus. Get one today and thank me later!

Here’s a snapchat pic of me wearing mine.  I put my water in the front and phone in the back.  I like to have the water easily accessible.  And yes I am goofy with my snapchats ;). If you want to follow me on snapchat my username is dklewis14.