Lazy Hair Review

I have grown up washing my hair EVERY DAY! I have oily hair. If I play with my hair too much or if it’s a windy day, it makes my hair get oily really fast. I have discovered the AMAZING product called DRY SHAMPOO! I wish this would have been a thing a long time ago! I would have saved my hair a LOT of damage from blow drying it. So I have put a few products that I have heard good things about to the test.  I was trying to go at least 4-5 days without washing my hair using each one. So here are my thoughts:

Perfect Hair Dry Shampoo $22, Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo $3.84, Batiste Dry Shampoo $7.99

First there is good ol Dove Dry Shampoo! Cheap option for sure! I love me some cheap! But sometimes cheap means it’s crap! I would NOT call this one crap! I like that the smell is not too strong but gives enough to not feel like your hair stinks (because it’s dirty). It says it doesn’t leave white residue but I have had a few times that it made my highlights look like I had white hair. After you let it sit a minute or so and then comb through your hair, that does help some.  I would definitely recommend this to someone that doesn’t want to spend a lot and only needs to push the limits a day or two. but wouldn’t recommend to anyone with dark hair.

Oh the famous Living proof brand! Yes, it costs more but you get what you pay for is sooooo true!!! I was able to go FIVE DAYS without washing my hair and could have pushed it a little longer! This stuff really does a great job soaking up the oil, making your hair smell great and giving great texture! With other dry shampoos I was only able to have my hair down the day I washed my hair and after that I had to pull it up in a ponytail.  With the Living proof I got 2 days with it down and the rest in a ponytail.  That is a success in my books! 😉  So definitely recommend this one. I am not sure how it would be with dark hair but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be as noticeable as some of the cheaper products. So if you wanna push the limits, definitely get this bad boy!

I have heard a lot about this brand dry shampoo lately. So I had to try!  I actually got to try it one day while I was at Younique convention in August. One of my roommates had the “Blush” one and it smelled lovely! As far as this go round with the “Bare” version, I’m not loving the smell.  It was very powdery smelling.  I got it because I didn’t want something to over power any perfume I wore but I wish I had gotten a different one.  When it comes to whether it did the job, I’d say it’s middle of the ground.  It didn’t leave a chalky residue but I don’t feel as though it soaked up the oil very well.  I wasn’t able to go long with this one either.  If I were to recommend this one I’d say get one of the smell good ones! It was great for a few days but no longer.

I’ve tried other dry shampoos before and I really do think the living proof one is my favorite so far! I may splurge for the bigger bottle next time! I also want to try some of their other products! I heard they just got a texture spray!

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts are!

Cheers to messy buns,